A New Owner's Guide to Weimaraners

by Ellisha Mendez

What's in the book?

Tips and tricks to make life a little less difficult

    • Introduction to the “Grey Ghost”
    • Temperament
    • Socializing
    • Breeding
    • How to Care for Your Weimaraner
    • Dealing with a Sick Weimaraner
    • Proper Pet Gear
    • Weimaraner Facts
    • Sources and Further Reading



Weimaraners are a large breed of hunting dog that originated in Germany during the 19th Century. They were often owned by royalty and used to hunt large animals such as bears and deer. They have an amazing sense of smell. One eighth of the breed's brain and over half of the internal nose structure is used for scent. The dogs have short, grey coats, and some may have brown or white markings. They do not have an undercoat and should not be left outside during extremely cold weather. Weimaraners are often called the "Grey Ghost" because of their grey color and sleek silhouette. Some even have grey eyes.

The dogs are long, lean, and muscular with a well-balanced body that is designed for running and jumping. During World War Two, the Weimaraner Club of Germany feared that the breed would die out if too many kennels were bombed or destroyed. To save the breed and protect the pure bloodline, Weimaraners were sent to the United States where to breed became very popular. They are bred to compete in shows and as hunting dogs. Given their distinct characteristics, they are best suited for owners who have a lot of time to spend training and socializing with the dog.

This informative quicklet will get you ready for your new friendship with this active, headstrong dog.


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While many Weimaraners are able to live with other small animals such as small dogs and cats, their natural reaction is to hunt them. If you plan to have other smaller animals in your home with your Weimaraner, you should introduce the pets at a very young age to help establish a mutual respect for each other, allow the animals time to bond and to avoid size issues and dominance wars. Adult Weimaraner will also try to prove their dominance with other dogs.

A Weimaraner's coat is short and therefore, very manageable. They can be brushed and combed everyday if desired, or as often as needed. To ensure the dog's coat is healthy and shiny, it should be washed and conditioned at least once a week. If the dog is outside often or is very active, it may need to be washed more often to control odor. Mild dog shampoo and conditioner should be used when washing and grooming the Weimaraner. Brush or comb the dog's coat from head to tail in a downward motion. Weimaraners require much less grooming than other dog breeds, especially those with longer hair.

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